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About Us


Craig and Nancy McLaughlin

Both Craig and Nancy are Licensed Massage Therapists and have been practicing in North Florida since the early 1990's.

They have experience in helping clients heal from various soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, chronic pain conditions, and head aches. In addition to their work with injuries and pain relief, they have been perfecting the art of relaxation massage.

Nancy and Craig have many years of experience with stretching and hatha yoga which they found useful as a way to help maintain a healthy body and mind. 

Through their work as massage therapy practitioners and yoga instructors, Nancy and Craig have acquired the knowledge and skills to give clients quality compassionate care.

Nancy"s Specialties

Nancy has developed skills working with hip and shoulder pain. She uses deep pressure to relieve hyper toned muscle fibers. She has worked with runners keeping the lactic acid from building up in the quads and hamstrings.

Craig's Specialties

Craig specializes in Neck and head pain, using trigger point techniques to relieve problem areas.He finesses the muscles into a relaxed state, leaving his clients ready to take on the day.